Jellyfish Halt Cuba-Florida Swim

Created: 2013-06-14 10:51 EST

Category: Sports

This was meant to be the start of Chloe McCardel's record-breaking swim from Cuba to Florida.

She was hoping to become the first person to make the gruelling journey without a shark cage.

In the end it wasn't the sharks who brought the attempt to a premature was jellyfish.

Painful stings from a swarm of the creatures just 11 hours into the swim forced McCardel to ditch the whole idea.

[Chloe McCardel, Marathon Swimmer]: 

"I was now in searing pain, my hips were locked, I felt like they'd been compressed. I felt paralysed from the waist down. I couldn't kick, I couldn't get any forward movement on my front."

McCardel was pulled from the water by her back-up team and rushed to Key West.

She'd hoped to swim more than 170 kilometres...when she called off the ill-fated attempt she'd covered just 22.