Robot Rock Band Debuts in Tokyo

Created: 2013-06-25 02:30 EST


This just might be the future of music.

The Z-Machines are an all-robot rock band, comprised of a guitarist with 78 fingers, a drummer with 21 sticks and a keyboard player with a laser beam projector for eyes.

The Japanese trio debuted in Tokyo, electrifying a crowd of nearly 100 spectators.

[Mayu Kobayashi, Concert-Goer]:
"Their whole atmosphere was very futuristic and fun and I was just so excited the whole time."

Also excited were the members of human pop duo Amoyamo, who shared the live stage with the Z-Machines.

[Ayamo, Japanese Pop Singer]:
"I was worried whether it would be okay, but as they are indeed robots they managed to pull off the main performance completely spot-on."

The robo-rockers' perfect performance came as no surprise to their builders at Tokyo University.

And while their next concert is yet to be scheduled, the scientists hope that eventually the Z-Machines will perform on the moon and even beyond.