Cleantech Exhibition 2013: Focus on Energy

Created: 2013-02-11 06:13 EST


Tel Aviv is hosting the 17th Annual convention and exhibition focusing on cleantech industries.

The exhibition and its various forums introduce industrialists and investors from around the globe to new technologies, as well as older ones.

Following the discovery of natural gas off Israel's shore, the emphasis this year is on energy: natural gas vs. developing renewable energies.

The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon marking the opening of the exhibition was followed by some remarks on the importance of cleantech.

[Prof. Avner Adin, Cleantech 2013 President]:
"Cleantech, a clean world and quality of life can be achieved only by the meeting of science and technology on the one hand, and industry and capital on the other. These two pairs meet here."

Doesn't the economical crisis harm the Israeli cleantech industry?

[Shalom Simhon, Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor]:
"I believe it is precisely this big crisis in the U.S. and also in Europe these days which creates a lot of opportunities for preparing industries to be part of the natural growth.
I believe Israel to be a place of innovation, a place of dreams which we would be happy to realize anywhere in the world."

The great quantities of gas found at its shores and the developing drilling industry force Israel to face environmental and safety constraints such as gas leaks invisible on the surface.

However, new problems requiring response enhance the development of technological solutions.

And indeed, Opgal, an Israeli plant, has developed EyeCGas, a highly accurate thermal camera for discovering gas leaks.

[Omer Yanai, Director of Business Development at Opgal]:
"Each gas in nature has its own unique spectral signature. We are using this signature to identify the gas from a distance. The camera enables a highly accurate detection of the location and identification of small leaks. We are able to detect a leak of 0.35 gram per hour, whereas the EPA requires detection of 60 grams per hour."

Will the discovery of gas push aside renewable energies?

Israel has set itself a goal of reaching 5% of renewable energies by the year 2020; some are asking to accelerate this pace.

[Haim Alloush, CEO, Cleantech Exhibition]:
"I am also chairman of the Movement for Energy Independence, which calls on the government to increase up to 30% the use of renewable energies."

And what does the Israeli citizen wish after the discovery of gas?

"Every citizen in the country should be given electricity free of charge."

NTD News, Israel

Reporter: Marlene-Aviva Grunpeter, Photographer: Anat Markram