South Korea Releases Video from Camera Fixed to Space Rocket

Created: 2013-02-06 04:51 EST


On Monday (February 4) South Korea released video footage from a camera affixed to the second stage of their rocket following their successful launch last week.

The rocket launched into space on Wednesday (January 30) and successfully sent a scientific satellite into orbit.  

South Korea’s current satellites were launched by other countries.

Video footage provided by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute shows the rocket entering orbit and releasing the satellite.

This launch follows two failed rocket launches in 2009 and 2010.

South Korea’s Satellite Technology Research Center at KAIST said the satellite successfully made contact with the ground station.

First contact occurred on Thursday (January 31) at 3:27 AM.

The rocket launch came at a tense time.

The United Nations Security Council recently censured North Korea for a rocket launch in December.

In a rebuttal, North Korea announced that it is going to carry out more rocket launches and nuclear testing.

In addition, the reclusive country has declared a boycott of all dialogue aimed at stopping its nuclear program.