Royal Bones Belonged to King Richard the Third

Created: 2013-02-05 20:21 EST


It's a mystery that has confounded historians for centuries - where did the remains of King Richard III, the last British monarch to die in battle, end up?

[Richard Taylor, Deputy Registrar, Leicester University]:
"Today we bear witness to history, we peer 500 years into medieval times and literally reach into a grave."

In their quest for answers, researchers at the Leicester University exhumed a skeleton buried below a parking lot.

[Turi King, Project Geneticist]:
"There is a DNA match between the maternal DNA from the descendants of the family of Richard III and the skeletal remains that were found in the Grey Friars dig. In short, the DNA evidence points to these being the remains of Richard III."

While the mystery of the legendary King has been solved, salvaging his reputation may be harder.

William Shakespeare depicted him as a monstrous tyrant who murdered two princes.

[Philippa Langley,  Richard III Society Member]:
"What's going to come out is a real man, the real Richard III, he was a medieval man and a medieval king, but he wasn't the monster of Tudor legend and all of that."

His remains identified, researchers say they are already working on plans for King Richard to be laid to rest at Leicester Cathedral next year.