Robots and 3-D Printers Draw Crowds at Vegas Electronics Show

Created: 2013-01-10 21:54 EST


Many say the Consumer Electronics Show has lost some of its relevance in a market that's as fluid as technology itself.

And Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google and others may feel like they have outgrown the event.

But the spirit of the electronics show seems very much alive with every company that comes to Las Vegas with the hopes of hitting it big.

The Combat Creatures booth, hidden in the shadows of larger players, is among the smaller companies drawing attention at this year’s show.

Their robotic "Attacknids" are gathering a crowd as they battle among themselves for supremacy.

[Alan Bryant, Combat Creatures Toys]:
"The reaction has been great, everyone loves it. Everyone who comes in stops, everyone who comes by, straightaway, you can kind of see them wandering along behind you and then they're like ' oh wow,' and come over and straightway want to play with it, so we've had hundreds and hundreds of people playing on it."

Cube 3D is another company drawing a crowd, with their seemingly limitless demonstrations of the possibilities and potentials of 3D printers.

[Adam Reichental, Cube 3D]:
"Military parts are printed; architectural things are printed; Invisalign—all through our technology—car parts, airplane parts, shoes, architectural designs, all 3D printed. It is not just about the higher end uses about this, it is about making it available to everyone as well."

Living In Digital Times founder, Robin Raskin, says the Consumer Electronics Show is still a great place to be discovered.

[Robin Raskin, Living In Digital Times Founder]:
"Really, if you just look around there are robots that wash your windows, there are toilet training wi-fi devices, there are so many cool products being invented right now. Maybe they will be acquired by the big guys, maybe they will be the big guy.”

Also at the show was rapper turned entrepreneur 50-Cent, now a veteran of the show and once again promoting his line of headphones.

[50 Cent, Entrepreneur]:
"When I came to CES [Consumer Electronics Show]—this is my third CES—when I came, I had 3D renderings of a headset style and I was announcing that it was coming. Since then we've launched in 46 countries, and I've accomplished it in a short period of time, actually faster than I anticipated."

The 46th annual Consumer Electronics Show attracts thousands of exhibitors and is expected to be attended by more than 150-thousand people this year.

The show runs through to Friday, January 11th.


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