Ostrich Pillow Offers New Way to Power Nap

Created: 2013-01-03 20:48 EST


There's a new way to take a siesta in Spain.

Madrid-based Banana Studio has created a curious little pillow with four holes. Dubbed the Ostrich pillow, it has space for the head, two hands, and an opening to breathe, allowing anyone to rest anywhere.

For people looking for a nap on the go, in the office or in the library, the hand-made pillow aims to fill a gap in the market.

Ali Ganjavian designed the pillow along with Key Portilla-Kawamura, and Ganjavian says they saw an opening for the product.

[Ali Ganjavian, Ostrich Pillow Designer]:
"Immediately we realized that many people from different sectors want it: firemen, students, doctors who sleep in hospitals, people who travel a lot and spend a lot of time in airplanes, people who study a lot in libraries. So, suddenly we realized that many people need it, not just a very small niche but many people need it and this is interesting because it is when you start saying this is a product that people need at a global level."

The designer hopes the product to be successful. With people spending so much of their time travelling or at a desk, this odd pillow may just be very successful.