Paleontologists Discover Tiny Rare Dinosaur

Created: 2012-10-26 23:17 EST

Paleontologists in Argentina have found a model replica of a theropod genus of dinosaur, known as alnashetri cerropoliciensis.

The most famous therapod is undoubtedly the the massive, meat-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But the carnivorous alnashetri is about the size of a hen and is thought to be much older than its giant cousin.

[Sebastian Apesteguia, Paleontologist]:
"There are approximately five species but what's surprising is that the Alnashetri, which is this new little dinosaur, is much older than the ones we have found up until now. It's older than the other ones we have found in Argentina and older than ones found in other parts of the world. As a result, it gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate the origins of this group,"

The fossils of the tiny dinosaur were discovered in Argentina's Rio Negro Province in the Candeleros Formation—the site of a vast array of fossil finds.

[Sebastian Apesteguia, Paleontologist]:
“Also we have found other carnivorous dinosaurs like the buitreraptor, and a large quantity of fossils that makes it a very important discovery region. As a result, we go back as often as we can and we find surprises like the Alnashetri and other animals that we are also getting ready to exhibit."

The Alnashetri is believed to have lived about 97-million years ago.