High-tech Gravestones Scannable with Smartphones

Created: 2012-10-05 18:55 EST


Your loved ones may be buried, but a new technology is ensuring they won't be forgotten.

Austrian-based company Aspetos is using scannable gravestone codes, so anyone with a Smartphone and proper authorization - can unlock the memories of a person's past.

Aspeto's Joerg Bauer says these codes can display everything from anecdotes to eulogies.

[Joerg Bauer, Spokesman for Aspetos]:
"It was developed to help people in grief. From a psychological standpoint, at the same time we know that memory - not departure - is the most important thing in that respect."

QR or Quick Response codes are mostly used in marketing and advertising, but special etching technology called grit blasting, is ensuring the codes and the memories last more than a lifetime.