iPhone 5 Release Draws Hundreds in Hong Kong

Created: 2012-09-21 13:54 EST

iPhone enthusiasts queued up this morning in Hong Kong as Apple releases the new iPhone 5.
Due to the sheer number of iPhone fans, only those who had preordered were allowed in. Still, hundreds of iPhone buyers waited outside in the morning chill for the Apple store to open its doors. Apple employees joined in the hype chanting “iPhone 5!” as the store opened its gates. Buyers rushed in, eager to get their new phones and try them out. One iPhone lover says it was worth taking time off work.
[Leo, iPhone 5 Customer]:
"Because it is a very good product. And I already took a half day (off), to get this iPhone." 
Outside the store, thrifty buyers sold their new phones to those who hadn’t preordered – at a marked up price. It didn’t last long though, as only two phones can be bought per person.
One iPhone owner says hers is not for sale.
[iPhone 5 Customer]:
"I won't (sell it). I will use it myself because I'm an Apple fan, ok?"
More than 2 million people preordered on the first day, double the number last year’s iPhone 4 release. But, according to analyst firm Forrester, an unbelievable 70% of the iPhones and iPads bought in Hong Kong this year will be smuggled goods. 
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