Twin Gorillas Born in Dutch Zoo

Created: 2013-06-26 03:26 EST

Category: Life

 A mother gorilla has given birth to twins in a Dutch zoo on the outskirts of Arnhem in the Netherlands, close to the German border.

Head keeper of the great apes at the zoo, Wilco Limpers, says twins are a rare occurrence among gorillas, especially for those in captivity.
[Wilco Limpers, Head Keeper of the Great Apes]:
"In gorilla world, twins are very rare because in the last 50 years, there has only been 10 births in zoos, so it's very rare." 
The 20-year-old mother N'Gayla gave birth on June 13 to two healthy baby gorillas, one male and one female.
Limpers says the new-borns’ father will protect the mother from the other gorillas in the group.
[Wilco Limpers, Head Keeper of the Great Apes]:
"The father is not doing anything in the beginning, only sit next to her to protect her towards the others, and when the youngsters are one-and-a-half-years old, they want to play and then he will play with them and that's quite nice to see."  
The twins will spend eight to 10 years with their family before moving to another zoo.