Orphaned Polar Bear Cub Rescued

Created: 2013-04-01 12:32 EST

Category: Life

An orphaned polar bear cub made its temporary home at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage on Saturday.

The 3-4 month cub was rescued two weeks ago after the bear's mother was killed by a hunter on March 12 near Point Lay on Alaska's northwest coast.

Alaska law allows native tribes who reside in Alaska and dwell on the coast to harvest polar bears. The hunter said he unwittingly shot the mother and didn't know she was with a cub.

The hunter brought the cub, who has been named Kali, to Point Lay for care. Kali was then transferred to Anchorage and the Alaska Zoo.

Zoo officials said that when the cub came to their care it weighed 18.4 pounds and is thriving to now weigh 31.5 pounds.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife service have announced that the bear will be sent to the Buffalo Zoo later this spring. The Buffalo Zoo will raise Kali alongside a 4-month polar bear cub nicknamed Luna. Officials say allowing the two cubs to play together could help make sure the cubs don't get too attached to their human keepers.