Belgium Celebrates Easter with Chocolate

Created: 2013-03-29 00:49 EST

Category: Life

Belgium's chocolate makers are preparing for the Easter rush as customers flock to buy gourmet eggs and more unusual, intricate creations.

[Perry Tobin, Customer]:
"Belgium is just known for chocolate. I've tried it before, my friend brought it back for me, and it was really fantastic so I decided to buy myself my own (laughs)."

Chocolate shop owner Ryan Stevenson has been preparing for weeks.

[Ryan Stevenson, Chocolate-Maker]:
"For the Easter period it takes around six weeks to make everything, we make small eggs, large eggs, large bunnies, small bunnies. Normally it takes six weeks and we sell everything in a two to three week period."

This year, Stevenson decided to mark the holiday with pink rabbits decorated with edible glitter.

Stevenson rose to fame after he won a national chocolate contest in 2008 and a praline award at the prestigious World Chocolate Masters in 2009.

Belgium is proud of its mastery of chocolate. It boasts more than 200 chocolate firms, and more than 2,000 chocolate stores and museums, tours and workshops - such as the Brussels museum of cocoa and chocolate.