Stray Baby Wallaby Rescued From High-Rise Car Park

Created: 2013-02-22 13:19 EST

Category: Life

On Thursday, a stray baby wallaby was rescued from a shopping center car park in Melbourne, Australia.

The forest-dwelling animal was found sitting precariously on the ledge of a four-story car park.

Wildlife officers watched anxiously as the frightened wallaby spent nearly two hours on a ledge before finally hopping into the parking lot.
It was then tranquilized and taken away.

[Manfred Zabinskas, Animal Rescuer]:
"When they are really scared, they will just react to get away from the danger and not realize they're putting themselves into even greater risk. So, the risks are very high. This guy could've easily died today."

Local media said the the wallaby most likely made its way to the car park from nearby bushland.

The stray wallaby will spend around two days in the care of rescuers before it is returned to the wild.