Rescued Sea Lions Return to the Wild in Peru

Created: 2012-10-15 23:08 EST

Category: Life

Peruvian environmentalists released three rescued sea lions back into the wild on Saturday. The release was part of a project to reintegrate the endangered species back into their natural habitat.

The three sea lions, named Fiona, Felix and Flynn, were rescued three months ago from beaches around Lima. They suffered from a number of injuries believed to be caused by fishermen who attacked them.

[Carlos Yaipen, ORCA Director]:
"These sea lions suffered from kidney failure and were malnourished and dehydrated. We have followed protocols in order to return them back to the wild."

Peru's Organization for Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals, a.k.a. ORCA, has been working on the sea lion’s rehabilitation.

[Carlos Yaipen, ORCA Director]:
"These sea lions were rescued three months ago. We have been putting them through the rehabilitation program at ORCA to work on their physical, psychological and emotional recovery.”

The most dramatic case was that of nine-month-old Flynn, who was found badly injured and in a coma after his mother was killed. It is suspected that fishermen were responsible for his mother’s death although it is impossible to know.

Ten month-old Felix and 22-month-old Fiona were also found covered in bloody wounds and malnourished.

After living in captivity for the past three months these sea creatures are happy to see the ocean again.


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