Chileans Recharge their Batteries at Nap Hotel

Created: 2012-10-04 23:53 EST

Category: Life

When  your head’s going to hit the desk and another cup of coffee just won't cut it, this nap hotel in downtown Santiago gives you the energy you need to finish out your 9 to 5.

‘Mi Espacio’—Spanish for ‘My Space’—is offering power naps, massages, and other therapies, so Chileans can relax and recharge during their workday.

It's a first of its kind in the capital, and owner Karin Shirmer says the concept is catching on.

[Karin Shirmer, Owner, Mi Espacio]:
"The second week, 7 people came and now we get more than 10 people a day. And honestly, the people have welcomed it and are really happy."

Naps can last between 30 and 45 minutes, offering just enough shut-eye to give a boost of energy, but not long enough to wake up in a sleepy daze.

A 30 minute snooze costs just over $10 U.S. dollars.

Other nap hotels have popped up in the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Argentina, and they’re proving popular.

Some researchers say that a short afternoon nap can help workers increase their productivity. It can also have health benefits—studies show it can decrease stress and improve brain and heart functioning.

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