Israeli Women Fashion New Lives Without Prostitution

Created: 2012-06-11 13:16 EST

Category: Life

At the end of last week, a Non Government Organization (NGO) called "Turning the Tables" introduced 7 dresses, designed and made with great effort and hard work by 7 women who used to make their living through prostitution.

The women have decided to change their lives, step out of their old world, and turn over a new leaf.

The Organization is providing them with a chance to reintegrate into society.

The women are now studying at design school once a week, learning sewing and fashion design.

Studying design is not a simple process - each dress symbolizes its designer's struggle.

We speak to the manager of ‘Turning the Tables’:

[Lilach Tzur Ben-Moshe, Manager, NGO ‘Turning the Tables’]:
"One of the women designed a dress in which she tried to give expression to the roughness, the difficulty and the pain of living on the streets, with the drugs, oppression and humiliation, and on the other hand, give expression also to the new start she was beginning to experience and feel, such as the beauty and the elegance of the clothes she could now wear. The dress has unstitched brims."

One guest of honor at the event was Israeli parliament member, Ms Zehava Galon, who has initiated a number of laws; among them the prohibition of human and organ trafficking.

[Zehava Galon, Israeli MP]:
"In my view, prostitution is sexual violence and the usurping of women's rights, and I have legislated a line of laws that ban the trading of human beings which offer help for women to get out of the circle of prostitution."

Seven women came forward to support the event - a television anchor, a journalist, lawyers, fashion models, and human and woman’s rights activists.

The women took to the stage modelling the dresses, and gave words of support and encouragement to the designers.

The audience was equally supportive, showing full enthusiasm during the show and listening to the effort that went into their creation.

Reporter: Lee Rom , Photographer: Michael Ash
NTD News, Israel.