DJ Granny Rocks the Dance Floor in Warsaw Disco

Created: 2012-01-14 06:29 EST

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This 73-year-old lady spends her retirement days behind a DJ console watching people dance to her rhythms.

Wika Szmyt plays disco, rumba or samba for a mostly elderly audience because she feels she is giving them a new lease on life.

[Wika Szmyt, DJ]:
"I think that retirement is like second life and we should organize this life in some way. There is nothing worse than standing in one place. For me, it's because I love music, I have always had a connection with art, cabaret, poetry."

[Tadeusz Lipiec, Pensioner]:
"I come here to spend the last days of my life in a pleasant way, because we don't have much left to live."

[Krystyna Dudzinska, Pensioner]:
"I come here pretty often for some time, every Wednesday. There is a group who likes to dance and it's great gymnastics."

Wika says dancing changes people’s outlook on life.

[Wika Szmyt, DJ]:
"Dancing changes their mood for the better, more fun. They don't think about passing, about preparing a gravestone and planting flowers on it. They think about life, and that's what music gives you. That's what music gives you."

The former youth counselor decided she can still share with others even after she retired. She learned how to use sound mixing gear by herself and says even experienced—and much younger—DJ's give her respect.

DJ Wika plays in a Warsaw club three days a week but has also been involved in other musical projects, including parties where she plays for a younger and more demanding audience.

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