China Fashion Week Showcases Menswear Collections

Created: 2011-11-01 11:25 EST

Category: Life


In Beijing, menswear collections debuted at the 2011 China International Fashion Week. Designers from across China showcased their designs on the catwalk.

The founder of Cabbeen—a Fujian-based menswear company—says the inspiration for his apparel came from traditional weaving techniques, incorporating patterns from nature.

[Yang Ziming, Founder of Cabbeen]:
“Actually I'm very interested in the modern handicraft, because I have been many places in the world, and I see that ancient handicraft is still very eye-catching so far.”

A different collection, "VLOV", focused on simplicity, featuring seamless styles. For a change of pace, men’s sportswear was also added to the runway this year. The designs were drastically different from other fashion collections.

China Fashion Week wraps up today.