Thailand Floods Cancel Chinese Tourist Trips

Created: 2011-10-28 10:24 EST

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Many travel agencies in China canceled their package tours to Thailand due to the prolonged flooding there.

Widespread floods from heavy monsoon rains and tropical storms since late July, have lashed 62 provinces in Thailand, affecting some 9.4 million people.

According to a travel agency in Zhuhai City, they had to cancel almost all their tours to Thailand.

[Zhang Junjie, Travel Agent]:
"Some of our clients did not want to go on the trip. About five package tours have been canceled. Normally we have one or two package tours to Thailand every week. It is a popular destination among Southeast Asian countries."

Another travel agency in Zhuhai also had to cancel five of its package tours to Thailand.

[Li Yu, Travel Agent]:
"Currently, the trips to Bangkok will be canceled for sure. Whether trips to other routes, like Phuket, will continue or not we cannot say for certain. If there are no floods in the destination areas, we will consider running the tours."

Meanwhile, the prices of Thai fruits in Shanghai have also gone up. The prolonged floods in Thailand have blocked local traffic, affecting the country's exports.


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