Siberian Cranes Migrate to China

Created: 2011-10-26 10:22 EST

Category: Life


Thousands of Siberian cranes have made their way southward to China’s northeastern Jilin Province. They’re making a 50 to 60 day stop in the Momoge Nature Reserve in Baicheng City, before continuing further southward.

Siberian cranes are a critically endangered species, with their numbers totaling 3,500, according to the International Crane Foundation (ICF). Fewer natural habitats, poaching and a low reproductive rate have all led to a decrease in the crane population.

In summer, Russia serves as the cranes’ northernmost lair and breeding ground. The cranes’ annual migration consists of coming to China’s Momoge Nature Reserve twice—once in fall and once in spring—before returning north again in the summer.

Water is pumped into the Momoge Nature Reserve to grow grasses and other pants to imitate the natural environment for the cranes. Around 100 species of other birds also inhabit the reserve.