Autumn Scenery Delights Visitors to Huanglong

Created: 2011-10-03 11:15 EST

Category: Life


The Huanglong Scenic Area in China’s Sichuan Province is beautiful all year, but autumn is particularly stunning.

The area, famous for its pristine beauty and historical significance, is located in northern Sichuan's Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.

The area features colorful pools, snow-topped mountains, a diverse forest ecosystem, and breathtaking gorges.

One of the main attractions is "The Yellow Dragon Gully" – which resembles a giant golden dragon stretching down the valley.

[Dai Juan, Visitor]:
"It's really beautiful. We can't find beautiful scenery like this in the city. The pools are even more beautiful with the sunlight, as it gives the water a pretty golden color."

The area contains almost 700 colorful pools of various shapes, sizes and colors, formed as melting snow from the mountains reacts with calcium carbonate in underground water.

The Wucai Pool, Huanglong's most famous feature, is nearly 12,800 feet above sea level, but that doesn’t stop visitors hiking up to see it.

[Li Gang, Visitor]:
"The pools are bursting with color. This natural feature is so well preserved. It's like heaven on Earth."

The rich forests are another beautiful feature of the area. The different elevations create views unique to the Huanglong Scenic Area.