NTD Art Competition Revives Traditional Realism

Created: 2013-03-22 14:19 EST

Category: Entertainment

Traditional realist painting is a significant part of Western culture, but has also attracted accomplished Chinese artists.

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
"The art of traditional painting actually originated from western world. This form of painting has been very well developed as it has a complete set of theories and school training. It is very complete, systematic, and professional. Therefore, this painting art is like a very precious treasure in the treasure-trove of world culture.

This year, NTD Television will hold its fourth Chinese International Figure Painting Competition with the goal of bringing traditional culture once again to the forefront in the modern world. 

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
"In China nowadays, after the disaster in which most of the traditional Chinese culture was destroyed by the Communist Party, so many Chinese people don’t actually know how glorious our Chinese civilization once was, and how extensive and profound the Chinese culture is. With this in mind, we decided to use this best art technique in the Western world to demonstrate the profound Chinese culture. This is our goal. Also, we want to create a good connection between the Chinese culture and western culture."

Head Judge Zhang Kunlun says traditional art brings great benefit to all of humankind.

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
Traditional Painting Art emphasizes the importance of the contents and forms that can express the Truth, Beauty and Virtue, things that will be good to humankind. In terms of the content, it has to be positive and bright which will be good for people’s physical and mental health.    

In contrast, Zhang says modern art comes from the negative aspects of people's character.

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
" In addition, nowadays, under the influence of a society full of unhealthy ways and customs, people have strong pursuits of self-fame and wealth. These impure thoughts have also been brought into the art work. Modern art work, from impressionism to abstractionism, is in lack of logic and very confused due to people’s variable thoughts .

Zhang further describes his opinion on the contrast between  traditional and modern art forms in relation to positive energy existing in the universe.

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
"There is a scientific method that can test the positive and negative energies existing in the universe. If you use this method to test modern art works, what can be found are all negative energies, which are really bad for people. On the other hand, what has been found on the traditional realist art works are all positive energies. Because of this positive energy field, when these paintings are put on the wall at home, they will also bring this positive energy to people and the environment."

In the competition, there are several specific things that the judges are looking for.

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
"We have several criteria. First, it’s the concept-whether they have good contents. This is very important as our artwork has to consider the responsibility for the audience and our society.  Secondly, it has to use the traditional realist style, as this is the pure and nice way that Gods introduced to the humankind. We have to restore this traditional method."

Zhang Kunlun hopes that professional painters will join his mission and sign up for the 2013 competition. The contest will be held in Fall, contestants have until July 10th 2013 to sign up.