New Emporio Armani Collection Hits Catwalk

Created: 2013-02-26 00:37 EST

Category: Entertainment

Italian designer Giorgio Armani drew inspiration from oriental pastel hues and 20s looks for his new Emporio Armani collection, displayed during the Milan womenswear fashion week on Sunday.

The designer worked cream, pink and dark shades for his coats and dresses, all fashioned in neoprene, a stiff material that Armani has transformed into a lightweight fabric.

A new romanticism was highlighted by the rounded shapes of coats and pleated trousers, almost like a watercolor painting.

Armani also paired large sweaters with bermuda shorts, revealing his unorthodox style.

Men's shoes with laces, flat moccasins, and Bowler hats were also the order of the day, often paired with large earrings and necklaces.