China News Broadcast, May 6, 2013: Netanyahu, Abbas in China, Sick Pigs on Sale

Created: 2013-05-06 17:27 EST


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas are both in China this week. The Chinese regime has offered to host talks between the two but the rival leaders are not expected to meet.

China and India have agreed to withdraw troops after a tense border conflict started in mid-April. Indian troops say they have retreated to their territory but are not so sure their Chinese counterparts are doing the same.

Chinese authorities say dead diseased pigs have been sold as pork meat in grocery markets.

With food scandals prevalent in China, authorities say they are going to hand out tougher punishments for those who break the law.

Chinese authorities have finally admitted March's export figures were probably fudged. Exporters over-stated their sales in March. This was likely to cover up foreign currencies they wanted to get over the border undetected.

Auto enthusiasts are carefully watching the profits of Volvo after it was acquired by Chinese company Geely. Volvo's reveled its 2012 sales figures in Stockholm last Friday.

Demonstrators protesting a petrochemical plant in Sichuan province were stopped by authorities.

And after seeing Shen Yun performing arts, one audience member said it "enlightens the mind."

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