China News Broadcast, May 2, 2013: Indian Border Protest, Forced Organ Harvesting

Created: 2013-05-02 17:46 EST


In today’s NTD China News, Indians protest against what they say is Chinese military incursion into Indian territory.

UK lawmakers have been briefed on the forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience by Chinese state-run hospitals. 
The Chinese ambassador to the United States have accused Japan of escalating tensions over the East China Sea.
US-based Freedom House released its Freedom of the Press 2013 report, saying that media restriction in China remains strong, and that foreign reporters also face a harsher reporting climate in the country.
A former engineer for General Motors was sentenced to prison for stealing trade secrets. Shanshan Du and her husband were accused of trying to sell that information to GM’s competitors in China. 
China has reported its 27th death from the H7N9 bird flu virus. The man, from central Hunan province, is the first to die from the virus outside of eastern China. 
Supporters of an activist jailed after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake are calling for his release. Tan Zuoren investigated shoddy school constructions that killed thousands of children.
Chinese netizens are catching luxury cars sporting military license plates, after the Chinese regime imposed a ban on them starting May 1.