Baby Formula Divides China and Hong Kong

Created: 2013-03-07 22:25 EST

Category: China > China Focus
It’s the hottest commodity in Hong Kong--baby formula. People from mainland China are coming over to Hong Kong in droves, and clearing store shelves of the stuff. Since the 2008 melamine scandal, people just don’t trust baby formula made in China.
It’s gotten so bad, Hong Kong authorities have passed a law saying that people are only allowed to bring two cans of baby formula across the border. They’ve even brought customs agents out of retirement to guard against baby formula smuggling, and are issuing jail time for baby formula smugglers. Since the law went into effect March 1, close to 90 people have been arrested for smuggling baby formula.
Why has this become such a hot button issue between mainland China and Hong Kong? Will the tensions between the two continue? And what does this say about the idea of “one country, two systems”?