China Fire Deaths Fury

Created: 2013-06-05 06:43 EST

Category: China

Grief spills over into violence outside the abattoir in northern China where at least 120 workers died in a fire.

The scuffles broke out as some of the victims' relatives blocked traffic near the scene of the disaster.

Their families say the official death toll is too low.

This man's daughter is among the victims.

[Mr Liu, Man Whose Daughter Died in the Fire]:
"They're lying. I'm telling you. If you go and count numbers, check that name list, it's totally false. You can shoot me, I will still say it. You can shoot me, but I will still stand firm. I'm Chinese. You can lie and use force to repress me, you can shoot me, but I will still speak up."

The fire in Jilin province is one of China's worst industrial disasters in recent years.

Relatives are demanding explanations.

This woman says she lost three members of her family.

"The director of the environmental office hasn't got time to meet us, but we relatives have time for him. This morning he just went over there and apologized to us. He's having a joke with us"

About 300 workers were inside the abattoir when the fire broke out.

The doors were locked, a common practice in China to stop workers stealing or taking time off.

The state Xinhua news agency quoted a local official as saying flammable construction materials, poor design of exits and inadequate fire prevention equipment also contributed to the disaster.