Chinese Authorities Harass Blogger Behind White House Petition

Created: 2013-05-14 14:28 EST

Category: China

When Chinese authorities invite someone to tea, it means they’re going to interrogate you. Now, a blogger from Sichuan province received this invitation, after launching this petition to the White House, and she says she fears for her safety.

Created on May 7, the petition calls for a reassessment of a controversial petrochemical plant in Pengzhou. It’s already racked up over 2,000 signatures, despite broken English and grammatical errors.
The young blogger has asked not be identified. According to Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, a security agent tracked her down, via her personal details registered with Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter. The agent demanded that she delete the petition. 
But, the petition cannot be deleted once it has started, and the woman told the Post that she is scared. Just days earlier, thousands of police quashed a protest against the plant.
Locals in Pengzhou don’t want the petrochemical plant because of pollution fears. The Post reports that security agents are also retaliating against others opposed to the plant.