Top Energy Official Investigated for "Serious Disciplinary Violations"

Created: 2013-05-13 18:52 EST

Category: China

Corruption allegations against a top Chinese official were first dispelled as rumors. But on Sunday, Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency confirmed that Liu Tienan is now under investigation for, quote “serious disciplinary violations.”

Liu is the deputy head of China’s National Development and Reform Commission. It’s the main body in charge of the country’s economic planning. Until March, he was also the director of China’s National Energy Administration.

Claims of wrongdoing against Liu first surfaced online last December—a platform that’s being used more and more to expose corruption.

Luo Changping, the deputy editor-in-chief of Caijing magazine first exposed Liu on his Twitter-like Sina Weibo account. He said Liu had suspicious financial deals, faked his academic qualifications and was involved in large amounts of shady bank loans.

The National Energy Administration initially dismissed those claims against Liu, as, quote, “pure slander.”

Now, the Communist Party’s internal disciplinary body says it’s been investigating Liu, but has not given details of  any specific allegations.