HK Lawmakers Urge Taiwan to Renew NTD's Broadcast Contract

Created: 2013-05-08 14:27 EST

Category: China

NTD Asia Pacific has been met with silence when trying to renew its contact with Taiwanese communications company Chunghwa Telecom.  

Now, Hong Kong Alliance and Labour Party Chairman, Lee Cheuk-yan, is voicing his concern that the Taiwanese government is selling out to the Mainland. He thinks that Ma Ying-jeou's government has the power to force Chunghwa Telecom to renew the contract. But he says, Taiwan may be facing pressure not to.
[Lee Cheuk-yan, Hong Kong Legislator]:
"Is it possible that the Communist and Nationalist Parties have political relations? I think the Taiwan government should take a look at its own policy, they shouldn't let these things happen in Taiwan, they should protect Taiwan's own freedom of information."
Legislator Sin Chung-kai thinks that in recent years Ma Ying-jeou's government has become ever chummier with the Communist regime. He warns that if the two governments become closer, issues like this will continue to happen.
[Sin Chung-kai, Hong Kong Legislator]:
"I feel that people in different circles should all be paying attention to this, Taiwanese authorities have adopted a neutral stance on this, permitting the relevant organizations to provide the service, I believe Chunghwa Telecom should listen to global voices, and rigorously give a positive response to calls from NTD and other organizations (to continue the contract)."
Chung-Kai supports NTD's broadcast to China, saying it is a much needed source of information there.
[Sin Chung-kai, Hong Kong Legislator]:
"NTD is providing its viewpoint to people in the Mainland, allowing them to receive different information."
This isn't the first time NTD-AP has faced this problem. NTD had a similar issue back in 2011. It was eventually able to renew its contract with Chunghwa Telecom after several months of negotiations.