Chinese Censors Take Aim at Apple's App Content

Created: 2013-04-17 14:11 EST

Category: China

  Apple Inc, the maker of the iPhone and iPad, has big hopes for the Chinese market. It is Apple’s second largest market, after the United States. But the road ahead may be a tough one.

Chinese state-run People’s Daily has named Apple in a list of app stores that have been investigated for offering pornographic content.
Apple was not highlighted specifically, but according to the  Wall Street Journal, the mere mention could be problematic.
Back in 2009, Google was also accused of spreading pornography by China’s state-run media. Then, it began to experience hacking attacks. Eventually, in 2010, Google pulled its search engine operations out of China. It said it did not want to continue censoring its content as requested by Chinese regulators. 
Apple appears willing to do more to stay in the Chinese market.  On April 1st, the company issued this apology over “warranty confusion”, after Chinese state-media criticized the company’s repair policies.
On April 3, Apple removed an application from the China App store. According to the developer, Hao Peiqiang, it was because the app had content that’s censored by the Chinese regime. 
On April 9th, a Chinese newspaper accused Apple of breaking Chinese law, because of an app that can download materials on the Falun Gong spiritual practice. Falun Gong has been persecuted in China since 1999 despite no law to justify the crackdown. Online materials and positive writings on Falun Gong have been heavily censored in China. Two days later, the same Chinese newspaper reported Apple has since removed the app. 
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