Microsoft Surface Latest Target of China’s State-Run Media

Created: 2013-04-09 14:10 EST

Category: China
Analysts were afraid that state-run CCTV’s attack on Apple would set a precedent and it appears it has. Now the wrath of China’s media has Microsoft’s latest product in the crosshairs.
China National Radio is criticizing Microsoft for its after-sales services on the Surface tablet. And if it follows the lead of CCTV’s March 15th attack on Apple’s customer service, this may be an overture to an all-out media assault.  
The report said Microsoft’s Surface Pro should have a one-year repair warranty for the whole device and a two-year warranty for main parts. Right now, Microsoft only offers a one-year replacement on both. 
On April 2nd, Apple buckled under the pressure from Chinese state-run media. The company issued a personal apology from CEO Tim Cook and said it would changes its repair policy. Now it’s up to Microsoft to determine if history really will repeat itself. 
For the record, China National Radio claims its criticism against Microsoft has nothing to do with what happened with Apple. Rather, it was because of a complaint from a Microsoft customer.