Apple Removes Book Selling App from China over Banned Titles

Created: 2013-04-05 12:38 EST

Category: China
Apple, Incorporated has pulled a book selling application from its China App Stores that gave users access to booked banned by the Chinese Communist Party. According to the Financial Times, the app sold ten titles by authors such as Chinese political activist Wang Lixiong, who has written about the fall of the Chinese regime, as well as China’s repressive policies in Tibet.
The app was developed by Hao Peiqiang and is called “jingdian shucheng”. Hao’s app only gave access to ten titles and is still availble outside China on the App Store.
Earlier this week Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to Chinese customers over faulty iPhone 4 and 4S models. Chinese media pressured Apple for weeks to improve its warranty policy. Chinese iPhone users were frustrated that faulty iPhones were not completely replaced like they would be in the US.