Jennifer Lopez Performs First Concert in Hong Kong

Created: 2012-11-29 09:43 EST

Category: China
Pop icon Jennifer Lopez gave her first concert in Hong Kong for thousands of screaming fans on Wednesday night.
The concert kicked off with two of Lopez's well-known singles, "Get Right" and "Love Don't Cost A Thing."
Lopez began her Dance Again World Tour in Panama in June and has since toured several dozen cities in Europe, South America and Asia.
The pop star constantly shouted to encourage her fans to sing and dance with her. One fan says she admires Lopez for her versatility and her songs gave her strength.
[Elphie Leung, Fan of Jennifer Lopez]: 
"I like J Lo very much 'cause she can dance, she can sing, and she can act. When I listen to her song, I feel really powerful, I can do everything."
Another young fan agreed that Lopez is inspirational.
[Chloe Medeiros, Fan of Jennifer Lopez]:
"Because she inspires us to dance, and she's a good singer.”
Lopez released her first album "On The Six" in 1999 and has since produced six more albums.