Tuidang: Little Known, But Changing China

Created: 2012-07-18 15:09 EST

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Tuidang: It’s a little known movement that has swept China. It began in 2004, and has attracted 120 million Chinese people to join. The movement was prompted by an exposé on the Chinese Communist Party called Nine Commentaries, and essentially calls upon individual Chinese to renounce their ties to the Party and its affiliates: the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.
In this China Focus, we look at what the Tuidang movement is, and what is behind one of the most under-reported movements that could influence the future of the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch the 3-Part Special Series on Tuidang


Part 1
Why 100 Million People
Are Leaving the CCP

Part 2
Who's Behind China's Largest
Anti-CCP Movement?

Part 3
What the CCP Fears Most

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