Tibetan Burning Protests Continue with Fatal Double Immolation

Created: 2012-06-21 07:26 EST

Category: China

Two more Tibetans have set themselves aflame in the eastern Tibetan town of Zathod, in protest of Communist Chinese rule. The latest self-immolators were males in their early 20's, by the names of Nyawang Norpal and Tenzin Kaldrup. The latter man died at the scene, while the former is reportedly in critical condition.

The fatal burning is only the most recent in a string of fiery protests which began in March of last year. Since then, at least 30 individuals are known to have set themselves on fire, calling for greater autonomy for Tibet and its people, and for an end to policies viewed as suppressing Tibetan religion and culture. While many of the immolators are monks, laypeople have also been involved, including the two involved in the current incident.