Chinese Iron Man Wins the Internet

Created: 2011-06-13 10:59 EST

Category: China


And, who knew? You don't have to be a billionaire to make your own robotic power suit. You've just got to have a lot of time and dedication on your hands.

Wang Kang, a young man from Shanghai who's either got a very understanding girlfriend or is in the market for one, built this amazing Iron Man replica. Office-worker by day, suited crime fighter by... apparently also day, Wang wows crowds with his high-density foam armor, copied from the popular film franchise.

The suit weighs in at 110 pounds and Wang claims that it's great for beating either cold or heat, as well as soundproof and non-degradable. He says he got the idea after watching the first Iron Man film, getting obsessed, and Googling all the related information he could find.

Now, his videos and pictures have themselves gone viral… with some Chinese netizens commenting that he ought to replace the country's public security bureau.