Go4Europe Showcases New Innovative Technology

Created: 2012-11-12 01:10 EST

Category: Business
Go4Europe's CEO Mrs. Doubior, Mr. Shamir, Chairman and Managing Partner of Catalyst Investments and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Ayalon

At one of Europe’s most prestigious conferences, "Go4Europe"—which brings Europe and Israel together in cooperation in business—the fields of high technology, bio technology and clean technology presented new innovations, bringing together around 1,000 business people and foreign investors.

Besides discussing fundraising and encouraging collaboration between Europe and Israel, Israeli technology companies were busy showing that they can be the perfect partner for European and Israeli investors.

Here are four innovative technology highlights:

1. Nano Retina to Restore Eyesight

Nano Retina’s Managing Director, Ra’anan Gefen, says they’ve invented a nanotechnology-based retinal implant that can restore eyesight to sufferers of postnatal blindness caused by retinal damage.

Nano Retina claims to cure two-thirds of cases with its 3-4 mm implant, which can be fitted by surgery with local anesthesia, in a mere 30 minutes.

2. Adsorbing Contaminating Oil Spills

Oil spills polluting the marine environment are an increasingly major concern as offshore drilling becomes more and more widespread.

An estimated 200,000 drillings take place each year worldwide, with 10% being in the U.S.

Vadim Manov from VP Marketing at EcoBasalt says their invention, “the substance SB1 developed from thin basalt rock fibers can adsorb large quantities of petroleum or oil".

Manov explains that SB1 adsorbs—gathers on its surface in a condensed layer—the oil, with 1g potentially adsorbing 75g of oil in 90 minutes.

The SB1 can then be gathered aboard a tanker, rolled on a large wheel on deck to release the oil, and reused.

External lab experiments on the SB1 are currently underway in the U.S. and EcoBasalt is waiting for investment to leverage the new technology.

3. Dental Implant Solution

Not everyone can receive an advanced dental implant.

About 15%-20% of the population suffers from jaw bone atrophy, making dental implants unsuccessful.

Maxillent CEO, Gideon Fostick, explains that his solution, Maxillent I-Raise, provides a minimally invasive sinus lift solution using bone-grafting, greatly improving patients’ comfort and recovery.

“Once we prove ourselves, we will be candidates for a buyout or a merger,” says Fostick.

4. Preventing Breast Cancer

Icecure Medical have invented a minimally invasive cryo-ablation procedure which can treat benign tumors—mainly in the breast area—while leaving no scars. They’re aiming to eventually treat malignant tumors as well.

CEO, Hezi Himelfarb, says Cryo-ablation has existed for 20 years and uses extreme cold (cryo) to remove tissue (ablation).  

The new technology claims to freeze a 3cm tumor to minus 170 Celsius in less than 6 minutes, without need for anesthesia and with almost instant recovery.

Icecure’s technology is currently used in the U.S. and they’re planning to expand distribution to other countries, including Israel.

NTD News, Israel.

Reporter: Marlene-Aviva Grunpeter