Visa Fraud, Job Bias in Huawei: Congressional Report

Created: 2012-10-09 11:25 EST

Category: Business
More details have emerged from the Congressional report about the two Chinese networking companies. This time, about Huawei’s conduct surrounding its employees, including visa fraud and job bias. 
Monday’s US House Intelligence Committee report cited employees as saying that, quote, “Huawei employees visiting from China on tourist or conference visas are actually working full-time at Huawei facilities, in violation of US Immigration law.”
The report also included evidence from US workers alleging that Huawei has laid off non-Chinese nationals and replaced them with Chinese workers on short term visas. The conditions of the short term visas do not permit the Chinese workers to work full time.
The report also named “widespread discriminatory behavior” by Huawei officials. Employees reported that it was, “very difficult, if not impossible for any non-Chinese national to be promoted in Huawei offices in the United States.” 
The House Intelligence Committee says it has referred the allegations to the Department of Homeland Security, US Justice Department and other appropriate agencies.