Japanese Car Sales Slump for September In China

Created: 2012-10-05 11:55 EST

Category: Business
Last month, a territorial conflict between China and Japan ignited anti-Japan riots around China. The more violent ones saw protesters targeting Japanese businesses and smashing Japanese cars. 
Japanese automakers are now reporting a slump in sales for September in China, which many attribute to anti-Japanese sentiment. With owners of Japanese cars being targeted as well, consumers are thinking twice about buying Japanese products. 
Mazda reported a 35% percent decrease from September sales last year, as well as damage to some of its dealerships in China.
Mitsubishi Motors Corp reported sales went down 63% from September 2011 and Nissan has stopped output till October 8th.
Japanese media reported that Toyota also suffered this month but the carmaker says it will not release its numbers till Tuesday. 
One Nissan employee says despite sales being bad, things will pick up again once people have cooled off.
[Shu Miaoteng, Showroom Sales Manager, Nissan]: 
"Our Nissan products are a state-owned and state-run operation, which means that it's a fully Chinese property. So after all of this, when everyone has quieted down and distinguished exactly what really counts as Japanese products and Chinese products, in this way, after judging it rationally, our sales volume will recover."
A Toyota executive told Reuters that despite an overall low in September sales, the end of the month did start to pick up.