Cyber Attacks from China on Crucial US Government Network

Created: 2012-10-01 16:11 EST

Category: Business
A cyber attack on a secure US government network has confirmed fears that Chinese hackers are trying to gain access to classified defense information.
The attack came in September in the form of what’s called spear phishing - an email with an attachment or bad link leading to a malicious website. The attack was linked to computer servers in China.
Fox News reported an unnamed source saying it was sent to someone in the White House Communications Agency. The employee opened the email against protocol but reportedly the attack was contained. The Communications Agency is responsible for internal White House communication as well as broader communication controlling nuclear commands. An unnamed White House official told the AP there was no indication that any information was obtained through the attack.
During his visit to Beijing this September, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta raised concerns over the issue of cyber warfare. He called it the “potential battlefield of the future” and cited cyber attacks originating in China. He said he opened the discussion with Chinese leaders on international rules and standards for cyber warfare, but no concrete actions had been taken.
The cyber attacks have not been directly linked to the Chinese regime. However, published writings by the People’s Liberation Army show that cyber attacks are a part of China’s military strategy.