European Solar Panel Films File Chinese Subsidies Complaint

Created: 2012-09-25 12:45 EST

Category: Business
A group of European solar panel makers has today filed a second trade complaint against their Chinese competitors, this time over suspected export subsidies.
Germany’s SolarWorld led the charge at the European Commission. This comes less than one month after the Commission began a probe into the price-dumping of solar panels by Chinese manufacturers.
More than 80% of Europe’s solar panel market has been taken up by Chinese firms. The group of 25 European solar panel makers say Chinese companies have an unfair advantage through government subsidies, and access to very low cost loans. 
European companies told Reuters that this state-backed aid means Chinese makers are producing more than 20 times what the Chinese market needs, and nearly double the global demand.
The European Commission has 45 days to determine whether or not to investigate the claim. If it does, the Commission can impose duties on imported Chinese solar panels.