US and China File Coinciding WTO Complaints

Created: 2012-09-17 13:31 EST

Category: Business
As the US Presidential elections are heating up, China is becoming a central topic. On the campaign trail on Monday, US President Barack Obama said he would go after China for unfair trade practices, mostly centered on the auto industry. 
President Obama made the announcement in Ohio, one of the centers of US auto manufacturing and a key battleground in the upcoming US presidential elections. It also comes after repeated accusations that Obama has been soft on China by presidential contender Mitt Romney.
Just hours after the US President announced his plans to take action against China at the World Trade Organization, Beijing moved first, filing its own complaint against the US.
The Chinese regime is challenging the countervailing duties that the US imposes on Chinese goods. The US enacted the anti-dumping laws earlier this year, targeting countries like China that are deemed as “non-market economies.” 
According to the Washington Post, the challenge from China’s Ministry of Commerce covers goods worth around 7.2 billion US dollars, and includes things like tires, paper, kitchen appliances and wood flooring.
Later, the United States filed its trade complaint. It accuses China of providing at least $1 billion worth of illegal subsidies from 2009 to 2011 for exports of cars and car parts.
This is the third complaint this year that the Obama administration has filed against China at the WTO.