Georgia Pensioners Enjoy Annual Talent Show

Created: 2013-01-07 21:31 EST

Category: Entertainment

The Catharsis Charity Home in ex-Soviet Georgia is a place where elderly people can relive their youth through an annual talent show.

Every year in January, Catharsis puts on a show to crown the top grandmother and grandfather.

The contestants - who are all over 70 - compete for a cash prize and bragging rights, while hoping to inspire much younger generations.

The contest has become very popular in its nine years with pensioners in the Georgian capital.

This year the annual showcase attracted famous Georgian singer Rati Durglishvili.

The 2013 contest brought together 25 participants, who could not afford proper evening gowns but had enough fantasy and courage to impress spectators with their approach to life.

The contestants danced and sang on stage, many performing traditional Georgian folk dances and songs in simple costumes.

Along with various gifts from contest sponsors, winners of the talent show received 300 lari (approximately $200 USD), equivalent to two months of an average pension.

But for many, like 86-year-old Tsiala Kikilashvilli, the contest is not about money at all.

[Tsiala Kikilashvili, 2013 Grandmother Title Winner]:
"I have never had a husband or a child, and I have never been so happy. I did expect to make it anyway."

Eighty-three-year-old Giorgy Agladze, "2013 Grandfather" title winner, who performed a Georgian folk song for the win, said the victory fulfilled a deep yearning.

[Giorgy Agladze, 2013 Grandfather Title Winner]:
"I wanted it deep in my heart and I made it."

He then added he was sure his four grandchildren would be proud of him.

Many of the the sponsors and jury members seemed as exited as the contestants.

[Rati Durglishvili, Popular Singer and Jury Member]:
"My grandmother and grandfather are the best memories of my life so far, maybe the warmest ones as well, and I am very happy today. That's why I want to express my gratitude to Catharsis as it gave me a chance to express my feelings towards these beautiful and lovely grandmothers and grandfathers and to contribute a little bit to their happiness."

Catharsis Charity Home and the contest sponsors hope the 10th contest will draw more participants and be even more exciting next year.